Now there are all kinds of cell phone Jammers on the market. Portable cell phone Jammer is one kind of popular cell phone Jammers. The portable cell phone Jammer is intensively developed for some small secure and confidential site such as confidential office, negotiation room, mobile cars and mobile guard site for political and commercial big shot.

 cell phone Jammer

A cell phones jammer works by sending signals which can interfere with any cell phone signals in rang and can cause the signals to cancel out each other. The cell phone in the range cannot receive any signals from the base station due to this effect.


Considering most countries prohibit the general public operating cell phone jammers, cell phone jammers for sale in countries like the United States, and in Europe are only available to personnel in the military, for example, not the general population.


cell phone Jammer is not only a good product, reducing cell phone signal to help you avoid important meetings, disturbing, but it is also your parents or your friends a good gift.