What About Wifi Jammer?

Speicified WiFi Jammer is almost everywhere on the Internet and the WiFi Jammer is also relatively easy for someone with electronics and soldering experience to make. One of the more popular home-made WiFi Jammer is called the Wave Bubble, a portable Radio Frequency WiFi Jammer that is small enough to fit inside a pack of cigarettes. This kind of WiFi Jammer is tunable and can be used to jam cordless phones, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth devices, etc.


WiFi Jammer Usage
The WiFi jammer can be very helpful if you are a professor who is holding a Final test for the quarter. the test room is filled with so many students who might be using WiFi devices, you can hardly be sure who might actually be cheating using a WiFi device. Now, if you had a WiFi jammer to prevent WiFi connections during the test, you have solved at least one of the problems. 
The point is that a WiFi jammer may be useful especially if you can block a specified area, you can also use it as a best WiFi jammer. 

This might be good for government locations where they need WiFi jammer in certain areas they don't want they WiFi leaked. I know for a fact large organizations don't use WiFi because of security but if there was a way to control where WiFi existed using a wifi jammer, this wifi jammer could be very, very useful.