What is a bug detector? A bug detector is a device that is used to place audio bugs, hidden cameras, listening devices and other devices which may be used to acquire confidential information or location of someone. 

What are the usages of bug detector? By locating these kinds of devices that infringe on ones privacy, you can avoid compromising private information. Today you can buy spying cameras in almost any electronics shop and place the cameras where you want. For instance, audio bugs can be placed easily because they are very small.
Bug detector, including the RF Bug Detector and wireless bug detector are simple devices that can be used to detect transmitted frequencies that come from audio bugs, hidden cameras, GPS tracking devices and live Cell phones.

Well, more about bug detector, how about phone bug detector?
A phone bug detector is a device that detects a mobile phones circuit. Cell phone detector can be able to detect signals used by the common GSM phones. Since phone signals are usually digitally encoded, the bug detector only detects a phone that has signal activity. The schematics of the circuit are given in archived attachments. There are usually two separate phone detector units. Every unit has a dipole antenna, a diode and a choke. The antenna first receives GSM signals from the media. A small charge is then induced into the choke. The diode then demodulates the signal from the choke finishing the detection process. The diodes in the detector should be germanium or schottky diodes. Silisium diodes are not appropriate for a phone detector because they don't give sufficient circuit results.

After the signal is received, it is then amplified. The amplification is achieved with the help of two amplifiers. The resistors are responsible for determining the amplifiers gain. Depending on the resistor values, noise levels increase or decrease. For very small noise levels, it is impossible to detect any signals.

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