By using a Bug Detector, we can avoid widely misuse of Cell phones to steal business secrets. Cell phone bug detector can be used to detect threats and prevent misuse of cell phones.

How does a Cell Phone Bug Detector works?
Cell phone bug detectors are offered in the market at low price. These bug detectors can be used to identify anyone, who is watching, listening to your private messages or business secrets. Bug detector will help to detect hidden video devices and cell phone listening devices in your office premises and home.

You need to just switch on the cell phone bug detector to find out the hidden video device in your home or office. If the bug detector device stops displaying numbers, an UHF device is hidden in your room. A bug detector can be located with ease and stop its operation to prevent further transmitting of vital data.

Here are the several occasions of using bug detectors:
Firstly, If the cell phone bug detector displays a number between 900 and 2400, a hidden video device may be transmitting your own video to another room. Therefore, celebrities can make use of cell phone bug detectors to safeguard their privacy.

Secondly, If the cell phone bug detector displays a number between 86.5 and hundred ten, FM transmitting device is hidden in your room. You need to identify such FM device and stop it from transmitting your personal conversation details.

In addition, Cell phone bug detectors and hand held cell phone detectors are highly useful to safeguard business secrets and stay ahead of their competitors. Hand held bug detector can be used to detect usage of cell phone in restricted places such as scientific establishments, prayer rooms, class rooms and conference rooms. Cell phone detectors provide a visible LED flashing and sound beeps to indicate someone is using a cell phone.

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