After we know some features of the cheap Cell Phone Jammer, it is better that we know more and complete features about Cell Phone Jammers. Since the Cell Phone Jammer is so useful in some special occasions, we need to know more so that we can make use of the Cell Phone Jammer when it is necessary.

The Cell Phone Jammer is easily handled and operated. Once the line installed, you can just turn on the Cell Phone Jammer's power to get it start to work.

best high power Cell Phone Jammer
The effective jamming area of Cell Phone Jammer is not definite or fixed. It is up to different power of the Cell Phone Jammer to decide this point. Maybe some low power Cell Phone Jammer has a jamming range of 20 meters, while some high power Cell Phone Jammer may have the jamming range of around 50 meter and even further.

The weight of the  best high power Cell Phone Jammer is not heavy, about 1 kilogramm, so it is convenient to carry it when using it persoanlly.
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