The Cell Phone Jammer is turned on gradually and then the power of the Cell Phone Jammer goes to steady after several seconds.

And then, the Cell Phone Jammer has its blocking functions. The basic functions would be as follows:
The range of the Cell Phone Jammer jamming is 860-960MHZ 1.800-1.990GHZ.
The transmitting power of the Cell Phone Jammer is 1w and 200 mA.

The environmental tempreture of the Cell Phone Jammer would be 20 below 0 to 55 centigrade degree.

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And then, the relative humidity is around 30 to 95 percent.
The control region of the Cell Phone Jammer is about forty to fifty meters around.

This is only one example of the Cell Phone Jammers. And different models of Cell Phone Jammer may have different functions and distinctive features. Not all the Cell Phone Jammers have the same characters as listed above.

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