First of all, there are some points that you should notice when using the Cell Phone Jammer.

- Before linking all the antenna, power supply shall not be switched on at first.
- The jammer shall be installed in the position with good ventilation.
- When use the Cell Phone Jammer outdoors, you should be careful to prevent the water from entering the Cell Phone Jammer.
- Antenna shall be used vertical to the ground.

Secondly, outdoor signals is bigger than the indoor signal. the blocking effect of the Cell Phone Jammer is worse outdoor. After all, whether Cell Phone Jammer is used indoor or outdoor, the effective distance of interception is related to the surrounding environment.

Some people may be confused about the capacity of anti-interference of CDMA and GSM cell phone. Actually, the interference effect of Cell Phone Jammer for GSM cell phone is better than CDMA cell phone.

All the above are some of the often mentioned questions by buyers. If you have any other to ask, just contact us anytime. We will be happy to answer your questions anytime from anywhere. If you need to buy Cell Phone Jammer, we often have Cell Phone Jammer on sale activities.