If you have already used the best Cell Phone Jammers, you must have know the running principle or Cell Phone Jammers. But if you are green hand in operating a Cell Phone Jammer, you are right to be here. We are going to explore how Cell Phone Jammers work, so that you can know more about Cell Phone Jammers and how to use your Cell Phone Jammers to its largest extent.

As we know, Cell phone jammers function by creating a "dead zone" and block the signals from the cell phone signals in the covering range. The signals frequencies of the Cell Phone Jammers are almost the same as cell phones, so that Cell Phone Jammers can interrupt the cell phone signals and block the signals immediately. As a result, When the two signals meet each other, they would fight with each other and of course, the winner side would be cell phone jammer. The cell phone jammers signals would jam out the signals from the cell phones and block it immediately.

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This principle also indicates that the power of the cell phone jammers should big enough to block the cell phone signals. And in prison, hopistal, and some big occasions, high power cell phone jammers are needed.

Mini cell phone jammers or low power cell phone jammers are usually small enough to carry in palm, hands, or put in pocket. If you need higher power cell phone jammers to jam signals in a large space, you may need a high power cell phone jammer.

All in all, the running principle of the cell phone jammers is quite simple and you can operate the cell phone jammers very easily by selves. If you need more
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