The factory warranty of cell phone jammer can be provided for the customer.
In this mode, the store system state on behalf of the direct supplier, followed by the development and establishment of two regional agents, in order to standardize and develop three or four markets. Its advantages are the following: reduction in the number of National Assembly to 2-3 at home, reduce the country on behalf of the same phenomenon, to ease the horizontal conflict between the National Assembly. Can give full play to the advantages of agents. Agents from the strong store and channel operators to ease its financial and negotiating pressure, to concentrate more on their good channel for delivery of goods and 34 market development. Agents in 34 markets, two region system, strengthening the development of 34 market and channel control. For example, the customer can set a kind of timing schedule of cell phone jammer for Monday.
Samsung mobile phone channels has not been the concept of the two agents, so in the channels of the Samsung mobile phones has been the National Assembly on many levels on behalf of Samsung, the two regional agency authorized by Samsung and the National Assembly, which will help Samsung management of the downstream channels. Three or four lines still have the space to retain the level of channel; agent management experience still has an advantage-level channel management experience in depth can be cloned into the low-end market. Reduce the financial pressure of the agents in the chain stores and mobile operators channels, while in the monopoly franchise system and the development of 34 market agents can increase profit margins. It is a good long-term strategic cooperative relation between the Samsung to establish and agents. Inquiring can be performed for all the operations of the cell phone jammer system.
So that agents are more able to focus on the downstream channel construction. The new hybrid distribution model through the channels of the new design, by a single agent model into a mixed-mode FD, direct supply, and proxy mode. Channel operators to provincial-level platform model, the large chain stores channel for direct supply, other channels continued 2-3 at home model the generation mode, and the establishment of regional two agents model (pictured). The advantage of the new channel strategy “only change the rules of the market is constantly changing, in order to maintain the continued strength of the mobile channel model must continue to reform according to the company’s strategic and competitive position. Channels on Samsung mobile phone design proposal have more advantages. The customer can follow the instruction to learn how to install cell phone jammer.
The new channel strategy is more effective. Further possible sales channels of distribution performance, service capabilities, maintenance costs and influence under the premise of the target market segments, through a comprehensive analysis of clear advantages and disadvantages of each channel, thus ensuring the distribution channels corresponds to a match and the characteristics of market segments, to achieve effective coverage of the regional market. To maximize the overall efficiency of the new channel. Fully considered the smooth business flow, information flow, logistics, capital flow and operational management processes and maintenance costs. New strategy to take the intensive marketing, stressed that the channel construction principle of multi-channel links. No working personnel are needed to manually control the switching on of cell phone jammer.