Cell Phone Jammer has been widely used to blocking the signals for both personal and public usage.

May be in most occasions, low power or mini Cell Phone Jammer can satisfying your jamming needs. However, in some particular occasions, high power Cell Phone Jammers are required there.

Where would you need a high power Cell Phone Jammer?

High power Cell Phone Jammers are usually needed in a prison, a hospital, an important conference, an oil field, etc.

Firstly, in prison, The prisoners may contact the outside complice to deal with escaping or other illegal things. But lower power Cell Phone Jammers are not competent in jamming most of the signals efficiently. So the high power Cell Phone Jammers are needed undoubtedly.

Then In hospital, the cell phones are prohibited but there are still someone using the cell phone. On one hand, the cell phone rings interrupt the peace of patients. On the other hand, it affects the function of some medical equipment. All these are bad for patients’ health. Therefore, Cell Phone Jammers are especially needed in hospitals. However, ordinary Cell Phone Jammers have limited power to function effectively in hospitals. In this case, obviously, Cell Phone Jammer of high power is needed.

More, In large conference, for instance, there are presidents and prime ministers of several countries getting together to discuss the national cooperation, any cell phone calls should be avoided. In the large occasion, Cell Phone Jammer is usually used there, esp. high power Cell Phone Jammer. Since the lower power Cell Phone Jammers do not have such wide jamming range.

In all these occasions and some other important places, high power Cell Phone Jammers are required. If you are in need of these Cell Phone Jammer or Cell Phone Jammer of high power, just come to visit our website jammerfun, we have perfect Cell Phone Jammers waiting for you here.