As the using of cell phone jammers, more and more people concern that whether the cell phone jammer is harmful to us? When cell phone signal jammer works, whether to generate the radiation? Whether it will affect our fertility?

The cell phone jammers jammed range is associated with the electromagnetic local shielding scene, with the distance away from the communications station. Typically 200 meters away is the best. Manufacturers based on the general situation to do test, so the scope of the shield will be quite different. As regard to radiation, whatever electronic products, large and small, there will be radiation. Any piece of electrical equipment will have radiation. Like we usually use the phone next to your ear every day, inevitably, there is radiation. Each country established a standard to mobile phone radiation; the radiation generated by our cell phone jammers also much below the national standard. And it is not rely on next to the ears every day, so it is almost no harm to the human body.

The Technical Specifications of cell phone jammer:

Technical indicators through a certification of the “Ministry of Public Security and Police Electronic Products Quality Inspection Center”, after the stringent test of “Chinese Center for Disease Control Environment and Health Related Products Safety,” (the units for the detection of electromagnetic radiation, the national authority of certification bodies)

Each sampling point electromagnetic field strength measurements of cell phone jammers are much lower than the prescribed limits of “electromagnetic radiation protection “(GB8702-88)

Effective shielding range: 30- 50 meters ( 200 meters away from the base station )

Transmitting frequency range:

  (1)869 ― 894 MHz

  (2)925 ― 960 MHz

  (3)1780 ― 1920 MHz

  (4)2010 ― 2145 MHz

Cell phone jammers Jammed band:CDMA800、GSM900、SCDMA1800、DCS1800、 PHS1900、TD-SCDMA(Mobile 3G), CDMA2000(Telecom 3G) ,WCDMA(Link 3G)