With the development of technology, cell phones are used widely around the world. But everything has two sides, they can also cause problems. For this reason Best Cell phone jammers are invented to block signal transfer. Best Cell phone jammer come in various sizes, economical and are used by a large number of people.

Cell Phone Jammers - A cell phone jammer uses the same method as the cell phone for transmission of signals but it blocks communication of signals between the cell phone and the cell tower. These jammers vary and come in different frequency ranges. A jammer uses this method and blocks signals effectively depending on the range of jamming device.

Portable Cell Phone Jammer – Portable cell phone jammers are quite useful and are used in many places. This is preferred because of space advanced jammers

constraints when using large cell phone jammers. It comes with an adjustable output range and can be used in rooms of any size.

Mini Cell Phone Jammer – Mini cell phone jammer is a very sophisticated device. It has the power to prevent and block communication signals at short distances. It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery and two small at the top of the device. It is compatible with 2G, CDMA and GSM networks.

Portable Jammer – because of the convenience in carrying, portable jammers are widely used and people can install it in a small place, they can also hide it easily in important meetings etc. The portable jammers include various models like hand held jammer, pocket sized jammer, high power jammer etc.

Cell Phone Blocker – A cell phone blocker blocks signals in specific ranges. It can isolate signals of networks. Cell phone blockers can provide blockage of signals upto a distance of fifteen meters. It has a battery life of around three hours and has a built in battery.