The necessity of applying Cell Phone Jammer:
Cell phones are now being used widely by a large number of people. Disturbance caused by loud ringing tone has become common problem in offices, theater or other important places. You just need to buy Cell Phone Jammer if your peaceful private life has been disturbed by phone signals. 

Cell Phone Jammer has no location restrictions.
The GSM jamming process is very simple. Cell Phone Jammers disable operation of mobiles by sending out radio waves of similar frequencies to disrupt the signal transmission from the base station. This Cell Phone Jammer device is small as well as portable. You can install it in different places depending on your requirements. Electronic devices like TV, DVD players, and iPods are not covered by the Cell Phone Jammer. You can select appropriate Cell Phone Jammer of right specifications as per your critical requirements.

Different Cell Phone Jammers have different usages.
Some jammers which are using single band have limited capability. Cell Phone Jammers which use multiple frequency bands have additional functionality of blocking Wi-Fi, SMS, CDMA, 3G signal and DCS. Normal jamming devices are available at a low price. You can select long range of jammers if your can afford. These jammers devices consume less power. Some of them are even driven by solar energy. The left cost is also less for digital Cell Phone Jammers. High power jammers are latest addition in the gallery of jammers.
Additionally, if you are going to use a Cell Phone Jammer, or other jamming devices, you should be careful jammers are strictly prohibited in some countries.

The use of Cell Phone Jammers is good in many situations.
Some jammers have been introduced in prisons to prevent use of mobiles by the prisoners. Jammer cars are now being included in the convoy of VIPs to ensure their security. Cell Phone Jammes are used in library, board room and museums. Jamming cellular signals is also necessary in highly secured places like Army offices and Ministry of Finance.

Since everything has two sides. So as Jammers.
Drug dealers or terrorists may use Cell Phone Jammers to prevent security personnel to analyze their conversation. Therefore You should ensure proper use of jamming devices. You can purchase high quality jammers for a almost perfect service online.