Cell phone jammer focused on various types of examination room , school , gas station , church , court , library , conference center ( room ) , theaters , hospitals , government , financial services, prisons, public security, military areas prohibit the use of the place of the phone. As we acknowledged, currently phone signal jammers on the market can limit the self- fired station 500M meters away, and the radius of 20 meters phone signal. The shielding radius is adjustable; it only shields mobile phone signals without an impact on other electronic equipment. Saving energy and the power is 20W - 480w.

The mobile work within a certain frequency range, the mobile phone and the base station through radio waves coupled together, a certain baud rate and modulation method to complete the transmission of data and voice. Principle for such communication, cell phone jammers scanning at a certain speed from the lower end frequency of front channel to high-end in course of their work. The scanning speed can be formed in the mobile phone to receive the message signals garbled interference; the handset cannot be detected from the normal data sent from the base, so that the phone cannot establish a connection with a base station. The phone is showed the search network with no signal, no service systems and other phenomena.

The common cell phone jammer in market, its role in frequency is: 869 ~~ 894MHz; 825 ~ 960MHz; 1805 ~ 1880MHz and 1900 ~ 1990MHz. The role of frequency range is CDMA800, GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900, WCDMA etc. Controllable range is about 40 meters in diameter, using the input voltage of the DC-DC converter, the output voltage of 5V.