At the beginning, the Cell Phone Jammer are mostly used by government or military bases to control or block communication during wars or special occasions. 

Nowadays, there are some countries such as US, Some European countries have restricted the use of Cell Phone Jammer. It is still obvious that Cell Phone Jammer has been used by more and more people for daily lives, since Cell Phone Jammer can gurranttee the quietness of our peaceful lives.

Cell phone Jammer Omni-directional insulated internal antenna with High Efficiency. Specification of Cell Phone Jammer:
•Signal Source PLL synthesized
•Omni-directional insulated internal antenna with High Efficiency
•All the TX frequency covered down link only.
•Total output power: 0.4Watt
•Work time: 150 minutes, this kind of jammers can continue to work when charging.

Automatic power switching power supply Mains charger: 110/220VAC input, 5VDC output. The Effective range of the Cell Phone Jammer Radius Up to 10 Meters. The signal must the jamming Radius still depends on the strength signal in given area.

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