With the rapid development of modern communication technology phone use has been widely popular, mobile communications, while convenient to the people, but also to communications security and confidentiality proposed new challenges. Has occurred in recent years in our country use phone eavesdropping leak cheating in the examination room , medical malpractice , major accident , gas station explosion , the extent and severity of the harm caused by the high degree of attention of leaders at all levels. So, cell phone scrambler becomes more important and necessary.

Cell phone jammer according to the needs of the market with a special advanced technical method, in working condition, it automatically generates a specified shielded magnetic field. The mobile phone cannot access, so as to achieve the purpose of the mandatory disable mobile phone. The advent of Cell phone scrambler, completely solve the cell phone hazards , so that people not only enjoy the high-tech fast and convenient to humans and the surrounding environment without causing interference effect only mobile telephone communication signal , without interference of other electronic devices.

Cell phone scrambler used place:

Audiovisual spaces: theaters, cinemas, concerts, library, studio, hall

Security Privacy: prisons, courts, examination room, meeting rooms, funeral homes, government agencies, financial institutions, embassies

Health and safety: industrial plant, production workshops, gas stations, hospitals, etc.

The broad scope of application of the device performance, it can be restricted from the transmitting station 200 meters away from anywhere, and shielding radius of 20 meters of the phone signal radius adjustable. It only shields mobile phone signals, without an impact on other electronic equipment, and harmless to human body. Cell phone scrambler is easy to install, economic and simple