Since the China Cell Phone Jammer for sale has been more and more used in schools, it has aroused the worries of students and parents.

Complete Function Signal Jammers For Cellphone Wifi and GPS

Is it violate the telecommunication freedom of the citizens to install the high power Cell Phone Jammers in the meeting room, theater, resteraut, cinema, etc.?

What is the radiation harm of the high power Cell Phone Jammers for sale?

Does the production and usage of such Cell Phone Jammers, high power jammers, 4G Cell Phone Jammers, portable jammers for sale under some management of a certain institution?

What marketing conflicts are hiding behind the "theory of Cell Phone Jammers Damage"?
Actually, the Cell Phone Jammers were specially equipments that are only used in special occasions such as army, oil depot. However, the the development of the Cell Phone Jammers, they have been more and more used by commen people, such as schools. Some chools use the China high power Cell Phone Jammers to prevent students from cheating in exams.