Obviously, cell phone jammer is very useful for blocking the signals of cell phones. However, how about GPS? There are GPS jammers that are used to prevent people from using the GPS navigator to locate your location and know where you are illegally. 

Normally, GPS jammer is particularly useful for those famous people, who would use GPS jammers to prevent their privacies from being known by those paparazzi.

Furthermore, this GPS jammer also has portable or mini GPS jammers that are easily carried. These mini portable signal blockers and jamming devices is less than a pound in weight.
When they are fully charged, the GPS jammer can be used for about three to four hours accordingly. Just like cell phone jammers, the GPS jammer can be ideal jamming device for cinema halls, concerts, public libraries and places of secrecy and quiet.

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However, every coin has two sizes. Some people can also use the jammers for illegal ways. After all, GPS, mobile phone are very useful modern technology that are needed widely. Some of the countries, e.g. Unites States, have imposed restrictions on the use of signal blockers and their use is not advised in such places.
For some other countries, the GPS jammer should also be carefully used to safeguard and drive out unproper noises.

In general, the GPS jammer is still the best product that has been produced these years. Just observe from its being used widely, we know that GPS jammers have fostered millions of people who have been devoted themselves in the jammer's related fields.
And for most consumers, the GPS jammers are good and helpful living companion and protection. With time marches on, I guess that the jammers will also make progresses always. Maybe the GPS jammer would be upgraded before long.