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, Drive competitive bundled like gangbusters. Retrospect and Prospect of the first three quarters of 2011, China’s mobile phone market. The first three quarters of 2011, China’s mobile phone market growth than expected, and operators to promote the development of the smart phone, accelerating the rise of the Chinese mobile phone market adjustment, and the average price. Operating bundled market growing faster than the overall market growth to become a major driving force in the overall mobile phone market growth, and a great momentum to keep up with the market open. Overall market dynamic. The average prices driven and intelligent machines, retail sales growth is higher than the growth in total retail sales. National retail forecast shows that the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The basic function of high-quality cell phone jammers should be displayed.
The total volume of China’s mobile phone retail in the first three quarters of 2011 reached 170 million, a year-on-year growth of 20%, of which the first three quarters of the total sales of approximately 60 million units; retail 35-185000000000 percent retail sales growth in the first three quarters rose 66.3 billion yuan. Meanwhile, the average price of mobile phones increased from 984 yuan for the 2010-2011 three quarters of the first three quarters of 1088 yuan. The overall mobile phone market growth and average prices in the twin-engine. The first is the structural adjustment of the mobile phone market, the rise in the third generation g replacement process, under the joint efforts of the rising stock and smartphones, the ecosystem; promote impetus to the market operators, carriers will be discussed in detail in later in this article. For example, some types of quality cell phone jammer, remote control functions.
Operating the bundled market growth still high. Carrier retail market in the first three quarters of 2011 amounted to 61.09 million, an increase of 34%, accounted for the third quarter of 2011 from 30% in the first quarter of 2010 increased 38%, the carrier market operators bundling growth stimulating growth in the overall market. The carrier’s market share of the overall market share growth is mainly due to the following aspects: first, the business focus of competition in the market, with the decline of the traditional commercial value, operators, carriers competition gradually transformed from the competition in voice services as a competitive platform. Competition in the context of full-service and mobile Internet, mobile terminal carrier the operators competitive differentiation. Another example of the high quality cell phone jammer with cooling function.
As a breakthrough in the mobile Internet, the competition has gone beyond the traditional mobile communication competition mode, the contents of the application, operating system, chip design and other aspects of the complex competition. Operators are more powerful, and the entire business operation and pave the way for mobile Internet competition, to promote the mobile phone customization. China Telecom announced on October 18, talk about instant messaging (I) products, future telecommunications all phones will be pre-installed software wing said, I hope that the size of 3 – 5 years of development in one hundred million users. Operators hope the typical customized mobile phones to promote their businesses in other industries, professional products, and the gradual opening up of the era, a full-service competition, the share of mobile phone operators to customize will rise. The performance of high-quality cell phone jammers should be in the product manual.
Secondly, in the carrier market competition, real competition three carriers in China has just begun, have not formed to balance the competitive landscape. Telecom and China Unicom continued to radical increase in the growth of the number of users, to maintain market share in the number of mobile users through a variety of competitive strategy. The three operators hope to occupy a favorable position in the new competitive landscape, resulting in more handset subsidies to promote the rise of the market share of the operators to customize. The specific strategic point of view, China Mobile hopes to continue to play a scale, networks, channels, services, and brand, to maintain a leading position in the market, while continuing to ecological changes in the response, and actively explore new areas, new model, innovation, promote enterprise development. High quality cell phone jammer described in detail from: