Cell phones are very useful in today's time. From flip phones to camera phones, all the way to a phone with music, Internet and a camera.

Cellular phones are a must for teenagers and adults alike, and it's getting to the point where younger children feel they need them, too. If you're a little behind the times, you can improve and know how to use one when you need to.

1. Research the local providers in your area. This depends on your region and includes numerous brands. Look at different service contracts. Consider using your local phone company and adding the cell phone to your home phone bills and see if there are any discounts. Otherwise, find a company with the features you like, make sure their service is good in your area, and try to get a company your friends have because many offer free mobile to mobile minutes which could be helpful.

2. Purchase a cell phone and associated plan. If you have bad credit or you simply want to try having a cell phone without signing up for a long contract, you may want a prepaid or pay-as-you-go plan.

3. Gather up a list of numbers of people you talk to on a regular basis.

4. Input these numbers with the number keypad. If they are out of the area code you are in, add their area code. Your phone should come with a manual with specific details on how to input numbers.

5. Dial numbers directly. If you know a number, you can punch it in. Some cell phones "know" what area code they are in, so dialing a "1" may not be necessary.

6. Choose or dial the number and push the "send" or "call" button (often indicated with green lettering or symbols). This starts the call. Proceed as with any other phone call.

7. End the call by pushing "end" (often indicated with red lettering or symbols). Calls will usually end automatically after the person you spoke to hangs up, but it's best to get into the habit of hanging up, especially since calls are billed by the minute.

8. Read your user manual for specifics to your phone and plan. Even if you don't read the whole thing, learn how to:

heck your messages

return a call

add a phone number to your phone both manually and after someone has called you

send and receive text messages (optional). Keep in mind that text messages cost extra in many plans.

9.  Charge your phone regularly by plugging it in with a charger.


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