Jammers are instrument used to prevent cell phone, mobile phones to receive signals from their service provider station. It can be used in any location. Radio waves are sending by this signal that destroys the wavelength of signal provided by different service provider. Use of cell phone blocker: • They are used it high sensitive areas like army personal base camp. • They are used in colleges and institutes so that students cannot make ill use of mobile phones. • Cell phone blockers are used in places where silence is expected due to some security reasons. Wavelength of radio waves is carrier of signals. These radio waves are also very harmful in many aspects. On petrol pumps mobile phones are not allowed and jammers are installed to prevent signals. Cell phone jammers are of many types: • Portable cell phone jammer. • Mini Cell phone jammer. • Desktop cell phone jammer. • GPS jammer. • Heavy duty cell phone and GPS jammer. You will get cell phone blockers on http://www.cellphonejammersales.com/. You will get different size and shape of cell phone blocker here with best quality product. All types of jammers are available here with 100%satisfaction guarantee of service. You can also order for the product online by visiting the website. Order will be delivered at your home within two to three days of time with all the instruction and procedure how to install them at your place. Use of jammers is increased due to massive use of mobile phone at every place. Signal busters are in market from long time and they manufacture product as per needs of their customer and satisfies them with their service. They provide mini mobile jammers for home and small area. They provide big utility jammers to customer for business needs. Cell phone jammers are widely used by people now days for security reasons. They provide 100% guarantee to their customer for their products and work for customer satisfaction that will help them to advertise about their company and they will get more and more business. They deal in latest technologies and services to make better products and do not get any complain about their product from people who are using their product. They make products that stops signal of 800MHz to 1900MHz in 30 feet to 9 meter range. Big jammers provide service up to eight to ten miles TRJ-89 jammer is the best jammer that blocks all signal within eight kilometer radius. You can contact to them on their website and toll free number and inquire about different kinds of jammers. You can inform them about your requirement so that they will provide you best product for your use. They provide heavy duty products with long lasting life and functioning they will provide you all instruction to install these jammers at your place. Some of the jammers are that much powerful that they disrupt the use and functioning of pacemakers a medical device. It is transplanted in body of a patient for proper functioning of heart. They keep in mind these criteria and manufacture their jammers only to disrupt cell phones signal.