Cell phone electronic jamming equipment was originally developed for legal enforcement and interrupt communications by criminals and terrorists of the military. The bombs that blew up commuter trains in European country in March 2004, as well as blasts in Bali in October 2002 and Jakarta in August 2003, all relied on cell phones to trigger explosives. According to the widely reporting, the cell-phone jammer thwarted an assassination attempt on Pakistani President Musharraf in December 2003. When President Bush visited London in November 2004, it was reported that British police considered using jammers to stop the president's motorcade through London.

During a hostage situation, police can control when and where a captor can make a phone call. Police can block phone calls during a drug raid so suspects can't communicate with others beyond this range. Cell-phone users don't know they're being jammed. The phones just indicate that there's no service or no signal from the network. The jammer simply interrupts the phone's ability to establish a link with the nearest cell-phone tower. Cell-phone jammers can be used in areas where radio transmissions are dangerous, (areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere), such as chemical storage facilities or grain elevators. Buy cellphone jammer carries its own electrical generator and can block cellular communications in a 5-mile (8-km) radius.

Corporations use jammers to prevent company undercover work by obstruction voice transmissions and picture transmissions from camera phones. On the additional questionable finish of the legitimacy spectrum, there square measure rumors that edifice chains install jammers to dam guests' cell-phone usage and force them to use in-room phones at high rates.