Since the best Cell Phone Jammers are widely used in the examination of domestic schools, including high schools, colleges and universities. However, there are some people who are promoting the Cell Phone Jammers harm theories, which are bad for the useage of China Cell Phone Jammers in the markets.

Actually, the Cell Phone Jammers do not have larger harm than the cell phone itself. The people who say the best Cell Phone Jammers are too harmful is delibrately damage the fame of the best Cell Phone Jammers because of something like marketing benefits.

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Who will do this? Actually bug detectors were sometimes used in the exam room to detect the cell phones signals at school examination room. However, because bug detector has limit function there and cannot detect the exact person who used the cell phones, something like that, later the Cell Phone Jammers took the place of bug detector.

This is the market competition. Everyone wants their Cell Phone Jammers or bug detector to be most used. This is to prove that the Cell Phone Jammers do not have harmful effects.