With the popularization of the Mobile phone jammers, the China Mobile phone jammers for sale have been seen in oil station, meeting room, hospital. This condition has arounsed the fierce dispution of the using of Mobile phone jammers China. So what are the real face" of the Mobile phone jammers?

Adjustable Multifunctional High Power 6 Antenna WiFi GPS Cell Phone Jammer Blocker

Firstly, the cheap Mobile phone jammers have radiation indeed. There is no need to hide this point of best Mobile phone jammers.

Just like mobile phones, the Mobile phone jammers have similar working principle with the Mobile phone. Therefore, the China Mobile phone jammers also have similar radiation like Mobile phone. The question is that, whether the radiation from the best Mobile phone jammers for sale have harmful impacts on human health?

The harm of the Wholesale Mobile phone jammers can not be concluded in one word. It depends. Some high power Mobile phone jammers are stronger than the portable jammers.

And there is also relationship between the Mobile phone jammers and the power-on time of the Mobile phone jammers. There are also detailed rules in the "National Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Regulations".