Ten years ago, cell phone was very valuable thing that was only owned by a small group of successful people. There is no need for Multi-function cell phone Jammer at then. However, with the development of new technolory, cell phones are widely used by most people.

This brings opportunies to the being of Multi-function Jammer. Since cell phones are used by most people, old or young, rich or poor, it has brought some troubles and disturbance to the peaceful lives. Therefore, Multi-function Jammer has to be produced to avoid some troubles.


multi-function jammer


The Multi-function Jammer was used by many people in many occasions nowadays. In addition to jamming the signals, the Multi-function Jammer can also be used in diiferent occasions, such as meeting room, classroom, examination room, military groups, prisons, parties, colleges, gas station etc.
Additionally, the portable cell phone jammers can be used personally.