Listing of Various Useful Jammers

Here we have variety of Jammers.

The fisrt one is Cell Phone Jammers: which is also the most commenly used kind of jammers. A cell phone Jammer is a device that is used to block the cell phone from receiving signals from the base stations. A cell phone Jammer can be used anywhere however it is best used in places where interruptions are not expected. These Jammers devices are of immense use during meetings and conferences where a single phone call can cause lots of disturbance.
There are also many types of cell phone Jammers that are being created and widely used today. However some of the popular types are the portable Jammers, desktop and wall mounted Jammers and car mounted Jammers. Out of these the portable Jammer is the most popular cell phone Jammers and is available in different types depending upon its size and capacity.


The second type of popular jammer is GPS Jammer. A GPS Jammer is very useful for blocking the signals of a Global Positioning System device. The GPS Jammers can help prevent the signal reception completely or partially depending upon the requirement. The field strength of the signals sent from a GPS is very low and hence even a small modulation can be used to prevent the reception of the signals. There are several types of GPS Jammers -available however the portable type is the most famous out of the available ones. There are many varieties of GPS Jammers that are available. out of these the best is the device which can be used to block a host of different GPS signals. This device can block the signals all day long without leaving any traces hence is consider to be one of the most powerful GPS Jammers.
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