Maybe you are considering buying a cell phone jammer to ensure the quietness of your daily lives. But you seems being worried about which jammer you would like to choose, because some of them are too big to carry.

If you are in the situation of choosing a cell phone jammer that is described above, you are in the right place here.
Portable cell phone jammer---I bet that you must be in love with this portable cell phone jammer at the first sight, because of its attractive appearence and adorable size.

In terms of its function, the portable cell signal jammer will help you to block the signals from any phone networks, such as UMTS, 3G, CDMA, and PHS, etc. The battery is built in and easy to charge. Compared with other cell phone jammer, the Portable Wireless Video Jammer is environmentally friendly with lower power consumption and does no harm to human body. So it is safe for you to carry the portable cell phone jammer and take it with you wherever you would like.

All you need to do is switch the cell phone jammer on. You create a safe and private space on your own.

What scenes do the portable cell phone jammer used in? This portable cell phone jammer is great for various situations.
If you are afaid of being recorded your conversation by someone, this portable cell phone jammer is of great use there for you.
For some famous people, esp. Film stars, they scare being followed or heard, the portable cell phone jammer can help them avoid leaking personal privacies and information.
In private occasions, for instance, when you are going out with your loved ones or someone important, you would better not imterrupt by any telephone calls, and ensure the quiet and beautiful moment in the tea bar with your important ones, you can use a portable cell phone jammer. You carry portable cell phone jammer with you, and your surroundings would not be disturbed. Above all, you must be happy secretly that others do not aware of your portable cell phone jammer.

The portable cell phone signal blocker is compact yet powerful. The blocking radius of a portable one is no narrower than those bigger ones. Its working range can cover from 10 meters to about 100 meters.