Words just check on the net, maybe you simply do not know what to do: The headmaster of a Salzburg school had had enough of his cheating students by Smartphone. For the proper conduct of final exams in the past year, the teacher then proceeded to vigilantism. He ordered a cell phone jammer and set him on the toilet. Within a radius of 15 meters was now no reception possible. But suddenly, two employees of the communications bureau came with direction finders in the school, located the jammer and seized him.

As in Austria, the legal situation in Germany and many parts of the EU: The " Jammer " , cell phone-sized jammers that block all cell phone signals by interfering waves within 15 meters may indeed purchased but not used to be private .

Officially, the authorities may only signal jammer work. Several states have in recent years begun to equip their prisons with the broadcasters - about North Rhine-Westphalia. In freedom but only allows France to the cell phone jammer: There may jammers in cinemas, theaters and public events are used. For private friends of peace remains the Internet. There are devices that are all frequent callers forces within 15 meters to rest for around 200 Euros. Employers include, in addition to schools, universities, libraries, casinos, meetings also give rides called. Although it is illegal: Apparently the devices delight in Germany of a growing popularity.

And buyer Erwin adds pleased with how the test on the train, “use the portable cell phone jammer Three people were then simultaneously call problems “. And at home, “I can make a friend of my daughter browsing with i-Phone an ordeal," says the Storfreund maliciously.