Because of GPS applications and other technologies, many cell phones can be traced. And what's worse is that you may be totally unaware that your every step can be monitored through your cell phone. Your phone sends out your location to a cell phone tower nearby. This tower then logs your location. This does not mean that your phone is being traced, but if you want to keep your comings and goings private, you can buy a cell phone jammer to block the signal.

1.Buy a cell phone jammer. This device will prevent your phone from sending or receiving signals. The average jammer will block any cell phone in a 30-foot radius from sending or receiving calls. You can find links to buy jammers in the "Resources" section below.

2.Turn the cell phone jammer on when your phone is on and you want to jam the signal. You'll be able to turn it on with the flip of a switch or the push of a button. The jammer itself will probably be about the size of a cell phone and should be kept in close proximity to the cell phone in order for it to work well.

 3.Deactivate your cell phone jammer when you don't need to use it by flipping the switch to "Off." Leaving it on could cause the jammer to interfere with other radio signals in the area, including any nearby cell phones.


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