You might heard about the news that some crime escape from the jail, and the police station just post a reward to arrest some prisoners who break the prison. Do you know how they break out? They actually use the cell phone to contact the people outside, and then they are provided necessities they need after escape. To prevent this even from happening, some prisons just decide to put the cell phone jammer there. Once the cell phone jammer is installed, the signals of cell phones will be shielded.

cell phone jammer

How do the cell phone jammers work in the prison? Many prisons might get access to the cell phone, and then they will talk to people about something illegal. With the cell phone jammer there, the signals of the cell phone will be stopped. But the cell phone jammer in prison should be work under the specific ranges, which include the frequency ranges and networks.

For most of cell phone recording jammers, they will work well to the frequency ranges like 869~894MH, 825~960MHz, 1805~1880MHz and1900~1990MHz, etc. The cell phone jammers for prisons apply to these frequencies. If you are going to buy the cell phone jammers for prisons, you should figure out the frequencies of them first, to see if they meet with the environment in prison. You can take some time to read about the specification of the cell phone jammers for prisons.

You might know about that the cell phone jammers are working within some distances, and the working distance of cell phone jammers for prisons would be different. Unlike the cell phone jammers online in regular places like schools, examination room and cinemas, the cell phone jammers with high power would be better choices for prisons. By using the high power cell phone jammers, you just obtain the stronger effect and bigger areas on the cell phone jammer.