On a date with your friend or watching a movie at the theater? Enjoying your time... RING RING. Suddenly someone with a loud voice talking on the phone and totally ignoring his surroundings. Wishing you could pay him back for him ruining the mood?

We all where in a situation where we wanted to enjoy our time with friends, family or your loved one. Then somewhere near you you hear something strange. It gets louder and louder. You know you heard it somewhere before a thousand times. Then it hit you. "HERE I AM..... POKERFACE....". Some may like these ringtones, but I do not. The mood is falling rapidly. Finally it stops. The person finally found his cell phone and stopped the ringtone that you could hear a mile away. You think it's over but you are wrong. Now the real pain is beginning. He starts talking with a deafening voice: "HI Jeff what's up...". Absorbed in the conversation he doesn't realize that he could disturb other people and that he just ruined the nice moment you had a minute ago. Some of you would probably go over to him and point out that it's not an appropriate behavior, but there is another way.

You may have heard of a cell phone jammer. A device that that is used to block all cell phone signals within a certain range. They come in all sizes and are widely used in areas where a cell phone is prohibited like at high profile business meetings. They come stationary or portable and differ in the range they can block the signals. There are jammer for other frequencies as well, like WLAN or GPS. Even jammers that can block all of them. Nowadays they are small enough to carry them where ever you go and powerful enough to block signals up to 30 meters with the portable version. The Range of the stationary ones are way higher. So I ordered a portable one to test them out after finding a wide range of cell phone jammers at a shop in china.

At this place I have to warn you. The usage of theses devices in your country may be forbidden. So make sure you inform yourself about the laws of your country before using them in public.

Still skeptical about ordering from china the packet arrived quickly after a few days. Everything went well and the quality was way better than I expected. I was eager to try my new gadget. So I called a friend with my cell phone and turned on the jammer. It was silent the moment I pressed the button. My phone couldn't connect to my provider anymore. After turning it off everything worked fine again. Now I had a tool to get the silence I need.

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