Portable cell phone jammer is a particular equipment that are created to block the use of mobile phones when they are not well-used, for as long as you are within the area of the portable cell phone jammer. These portable cell phone jammers are little or large tools that have the only aim of disrupting the signals of the telephone absolutely so that they become out of reach. You may not make or get a phone call while under the effect of portable cell phone jammers. The portable cell phone jammer device emits radio waves of the same frequency as that of the cell phone. Due to this there’s large intervention in the signals and no phone call may be made or accepted through the cell phone during that period.

What are the advantages of portable cell phone jammers?
Cell phones are becoming more of an irritating tool than an item of connection. The widespread usage of tool is becoming irritating and dangerous shoulder to shoulder. Mobile phones are more lately utilized in inproper occasions at a time. Therefore, the portable cell phone jammer is utilized to stop all such situations from becoming out of hand.
Kinds of cell phone jammers and their utilization

The portable cell phone jammer devices are available in different sizes, namely pocket & portable cell phone jammers to large tower sized jamming devices. The pocket jamming devices have smaller range as in comparison to large sized cell phone jammers. There are some jamming devices of portable cell phone jammer that may stop the phone calls of the entire building; portable cell phone jammers are usually utilized in infirmaries, school, college and companies etc. The pocket jamming devices may be utilized while on move.