People in nowadays are relying more on the high tech products, and one of them is cell phone. We have obtained great convenience from the cell phone, but there are many disadvantages while we are using them, and one of them would be the radiation that generated by them.

cell phone jammer

If you prefer to keep yourself healthy, you might need to use the cell phone less, maybe you can place a cell phone jammer in your room. What do you know about the cell phone jammer? I think the occasions you see the cell phone jammer the most could be some examination room.

Once you put the cell phone jammer in some places, the signals from the cell phone would be shield within 40 meters in most cases. You would never want to put the cell phone jammer in your work places, because they would stop your contact with your clients and would have great impacts on the your colleagues at the same time. Companies sometimes would buy some cell phone recording jammers for themselves, and they would usually be placed in the meeting room.

While we are having some talk and discussion in the meeting room, we don’t want to be interrupted by the cell phone, phone calls or text. In this case, companies put the cell phone jammer in the meeting room. After that, you won’t get any signals here because of the cell phone jammer.

If you decide to enjoy some personal time in your room, the cell phone jammer can be an option for you, but before your installing, you’d better talk to your friends or family about that, so the cell phone jammer wouldn’t affect them.

One thing you can do to the cell phone jammer is to make the right set up on them. Different cell phones will meet different networks and frequency, and what you need to do is let the cell phone jammers online work on your cell phone instead of your friends’.