Cell Phone Jammer - A cell phone jammer blocks communication of signals between the cell phone and the cell tower. These jammers vary and come in different frequency ranges. different cell phone jammers block the signals differently according to its different jamming device.

Portable Jammer – this jammer come into popular largely because it is very convenient to carry the portable jammer. People can install it in a small place and they can also hide it easily in important meetings etc. The portable jammers come in various models like hand held jammer, pocket sized jammer, high power jammer etc.

Cell Phone Blocker – A cell phone blocker provide blockage of signals upto a distance of fifteen meters to block the signals from the cell phones. The blocker has a battery life of around three hours and has a built in battery.

Portable Cell Phone Jammer–Portable cell phone jammers are similar as portable jammers mentioned above. This jammers are used in many places. Portable jammers is chosen often because large cell phone jammers are too large to carry. There are also size range of those portable cell phone jammers.

Mobile Phone Jammer–A good mobile phone jammer should block signals effectively on the move and should be affordable. It is also important that the mobile phone jammers should not affect the working of any other electrical or electronic items in its surroundings. They are available in different models and sizes and are available at very competitive price range.

3G Jammer–the advantage of a 3G jammer is that it can block all mobile phone signals from anywhere in the world, effectively and complicatedly. Furthermore, this is a high-power jammer which can block signals up to twenty metres. With the charge of movable or not, 3G jammers can be used for both outdoor and indoor usages.