A cell phone jammer is an electronic device that is illegal for civilian possession in the United States and most of the United Kingdom. Cell phone jammers are used to interrupt the cell phone frequency within a certain range.


By emitting a radio frequency that matches the one used by cell phones, a jammer disrupts the cell phone signal and prevents the phone from being used. Text messages, calls and email will not be transmitted when a jammer is on.


Cell phone jammers are most frequently found on buses and subways, when disgruntled passengers bring one in order to force people to stop using their cell phones.


Since the Federal Communications Commission controls radio frequencies, using a jammer is considered theft of those radio waves. The use of jammers is illegal to private individuals, but government and military officials retain the use of cell phone jammers.

Legal Use

During a hostage situation or other safety threat, a jammer may be used to create a dead zone, in which communication by the criminals is disrupted, which allows the police or other officials to take control of the situation.


Although jammers are not legal for civilian use, they can still be purchased and concealed; cell phone jammers are a common cause of dropped calls and low cell phone reception in public transportation.

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