The mobile phone is working under a certain range of frequency and linking with the base station through radio wave. The data and sound is transmitted by the means of baud rate and modulation. In the light of the principle of communication, the cell phone jammer makes the unrecognizable code interference when the mobile phone is receiving the information.

 Portable Signal Jammer - Cell Phone Jammer + Wifi Signal Jammer

Among the large variety of mobile jammers, most of them are capable of cell phone signal jammer only up to your immediate proximity. On the other hand, powerful jammers come up with the facility to cover larger area like movie theatres, office buildings, restaurants, hospitals and churches.


Use of cell phone jammers is legal for places such as hospitals, churches, government institutions, schools and colleges, etc. These days many public places are installing not one but few of them depending up on the size of the place.


Do you want to buy a cell phone jammer? There are many cell phone jammers online. They have different functions and features, also they have different prices.