No freedom? Being tracked everyday ? Have you suffered a lot from being tracked, while have nothing do with it ? Here is good news for you. This "GPS Jammer Pro - High Power Portable GPS (GPS L1/L2/L3/L4/L5) Jammer Blocker" will help you !

Tracking is not an unfamiliar in our daily life today !

For a salesman, you may be tracked by your company. You often need to go outside find potential customers, while you company is most likely to track you in case you go somewhere to enjoy yourself or just lazy waiting the day off.

For a driver, you may tracked by the car company. Since some large-scale company may track your car to record the trace in case an after-sales service or problem.

For an individual, you may tracked by the government. You may be track even you are working on the stress. Amazing? That it is. Since government may need to track you in case law-breaking phenomenon or criminals.

Are you sick of being tracked like a criminal also? This certain device is a gorgeous GPS jammer which can totally solve your troubles. The can prohibit signals from tracking your current location;

The above situations are examples for tracking. In such cases, your privacy is exposed to someone. Not to say any freedom. What’s worse, maybe you will never find you are tracked, while the trackers behind are always find ways to spy on you. It is not joking. So it is high time to be aware of this danger.

The portable gps jammer can work while being charged. Moreover, each band can work separately or simultaneously. Up to 2 Watt power which makes the device more powerful. It is easily taken and operated, internal chargeable battery and lower power consumption, it can be working continuously more than 1 hour and the battery is easily charged by pocket charger. You can create an area about radius 2 to 15 meters to shield.

The portable jammer comes with an AC adapter and car charger, which can be used for recharging. The GPS signal jammer can be quite useful for blocking GPS signals can help provide security. A less common use is to block GPS signals when you go somewhere, in case someone placed a tracking device on you or your vehicle. What’s more, the color of GPS jammer is sky-blue, a gorgeous color!

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