"I need a high power cell phone signal jammer for my bathroom in the office, because my employees go to bathroom and use their cell phone for a long time. so i need the signal jammer device stay on all the time and block cell phones and data service."

Do you have the inquiry about the same requirement with the above situation? As a boss or a manager, you’ll find it is a hard task to manage your employees and improve their working efficiency. They will try all they can to loaf on the job in a way you can’t catch or blame to. For an example, they will go to the bathroom to use their cell phones. It will hardly work even if you strictly require your employees not to use their cell phone or put this rule into strict regulations. Thus, not only your company will be considered as not humanized, but also you will lose your kindness in their heart.

How to resolve this problem ? Then "Latest High Power 12W 4G LTE Cell Phone Wifi Signal Jammer Blocker With RemoteControl" will help you .

Maybe You know the 4G LTE cell phone signals. However, do you know the latest High Power 12W 4G LTE Cell Phone Wifi Signal Jammer Blocker with Remote Control? It can block the 4G LTE cell phone signal, also can block wifi signal !

With this high power 4G LTE cell phone wifi jammer, the shielding range includes CDMA (851-894MHz), GSM (925-960MHz), DCS/PCS (1805-1990MHz), Wifi (2400-2500mhz) and 4G LTE(725-770 MHz). The wireless remote control can turn on and turn off the jammer easily. With 12W output power and 30W energy consumption which make it becoming an advanced device. What’s more, the jamming range is up to 50 meters if there is not obstacles. The AC110-220V / DC5V power supply makes the blocker working long time and continuously without stop.

The high power 4G LTE cell phone wifi jammer with remote control is widely used in the area of prison, guard, invigilate etc. If you are looking for a powerful and effective jamming device for your office, you can stop here. Just put the device into your cart, you can easily to block the mobile phone signals in your office, if you use this jammer in the office. Since it block all the cell phone, your employees won’t have access to reveal any more.

Want to gain a jammer device for office use that owns the ability of blocking both all the cell phones and the WiFi signal? Then you can just seize the chance and have a look at this 4G LTE Cell phone Signal Jammer & WiFi Jammer With Remote Control.