Cell phones are very useful for communication but at times they become a big headache for us and we wish we could control its operation or avoid phone calls without switching it off so that the callers don't come to know that the receiver is trying to avoid their calls.

When we switch of the cell phone the caller comes to know the mobile has been switched off but we always wish that when we switch off the mobile, the caller should not know it is actually switched off to avoid calls.

The solution for this problem can be obtained by having a cell phone jammer. A jammer will allow you jam the frequency of your mobile service provider wherever you go and you won't ever have to switch your Cell Phone to avoid calls and your caller will get automated voice message from their service provider that the receiver is out of coverage area.

Cell phone jammer is very useful when you are driving on a busy highway so that you can concentrate on driving to avoid accident while talking on the mobile. It also helps when you are in a business meeting so that no one can disturb you. The jammer can also be very useful at home while sleeping or when you are in bath or toilet because in such situations you just can't pick a mobile and many people get irritated if an urgent call comes in that situation.

Cell phone jammer is helpful many a times when you are in a party or a disco because in such situations you want to avoid and enjoy the moment without getting some stupid calls from your boss or from home calling you urgently back. There are many other times you could need a jammer, for example - when you are with you girlfriend and need privacy you would definitely like to stop your cell phone from ringing.

Phone jammers are absolute necessity when you are at a prayer meeting at church and other holy places because it not only blocks the incoming call but also makes sure that caller does not come to know that the call is blocked purposely and they can call back once the call receiver is free from all the important engagements for which he/she had used phone jammer to block calls. Mobile jammer is necessary in places like hospitals and government buildings where cell phone usage is more or less banned.

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