While during this complicated era, everything is not like that before, in order to keep normal order, sometimes some occasions need WIFI signal jammer to secure something. The development of modern technology has changed almost everything in our daily lives. Things are not like they were many years ago, when WIFI jammer may be not required then. However, with the widely uses of wifi signal devices, which is very bothering sometimes, we need to use a WIFI jammer to block its signals, so as to ensure the normal operation of meetings, church activities, and something like that. 


You may also think of numerous bad uses for WIFI jammer device, especially using a WIFI jammer while performing other attacks, but perhaps one good use of the WIFI jammer could be to enforce a no-Wi-Fi policy, although you’d probably need to check the broadcasting laws first. Since everything has two sides.

There are latest information about the WIFI jammer in military department, where there are many WIFI jammer usage stories are waiting there.


WIFI jammer's jamming device can be intentional using jamming service that use the same frequency band. Let's see how WIFI jammer functions.

For example, if you live in an apartment with neighbors close by you could be unintentionally jamming their Wi-Fi network every time you use your 2.4 GHz wireless phone. Dedicated Wi-Fi jammers are extremely easy to find on the Internet and also relatively easy for someone with electronics and soldering experience to make.

Regarding defense - WIFI jammer has a good list of tips to help defend against someone jamming your Wi-Fi network. You can use WIFI jammer to jam other WIFI signals but you need to care about other’s evil ideas about the jamming.